Muneeb Mushtaq of Airzai

I had the pleasure of interviewing Muneeb Mushtaq. Muneeb Mushtaq is a Canadian serial entrepreneur and a keynote speaker who has launched three successful tech companies. His latest venture is called Airzai. Airzai is a CPG company that recently launched a patent-pending smart home fragrance diffuser that uses premium scents meant to uplift mood and promote mental wellness. Most recently, Muneeb decided to shift the focus of the company to do something meaningful in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. AIRZAI is focusing on contributing to the shortage of sanitization products in the market and has introduced a new line of products called, AIRZAI Care. Muneeb also devotes his time to share motivational and thought-provoking content on his social media. You can follow him on his official instagram account .

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